Meet Nikita Prokhorov

Nikita is a lettering artist, graphic designer, design teacher, and pun developer.

Nikita's minimalist style reflects an admiration for work such as the pure marks by Stefan Kanchev & the beautiful typography of Doyald Young. As one happy client put it, ‘…Nikita’s work is conceptual, clean, and the reasoning behind every design decision is crystal clear.’ Focusing mainly on logotypes and lettering, he has worked on a variety of design projects for local and international clients. As an ambigram expert, he has taught several ambigram workshops – in addition to having written a book about them. Nikita's work has been featured in multiple design books, magazines, and websites.

His love of bad puns and jokes is second only to my love for typography. To pass the time between projects, he reads, scuba dives, skydives, wing walks, skis (not very gracefully), and travels.

When & Where
Tue, Apr 25, 2023 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM PDT